Jungle Safari is a type of outdoor activity in which visitors make a tour usually on a light vehicle or riding on an elephant’s back to watch the wildlife including wild animals, birds and plants in a forest or jungle. Due to high biodiversity and large areas covered with forests, the southern plains of Terai in Nepal are popular destinations for Jungle Safari and related jungle activities. Although a number of wildlife can be seen during regular trekking, rafting and other trips in Nepal, to enjoy a large variety of wild and endangered animals in a short time, jungle safari is the best option. It is a different experience than visiting a zoo because in jungle safari, you can see the animals in their natural habitats.

In Nepal, 10,600 species of plants, 185 types of mammals, 874 bird species and 651 kinds of butterflies can be found. One horned rhinoceros, snow leopard, red panda, wild buffalo (arna), musk deer and Gangetic dolphin are some of the endangered animals whereas Great Pied Hornbill, bengal florican and Cheer Pheasant are few of the rare birds found in Nepal. According to Word Bank, forests constitute 25% land area of Nepal much of which is in the sub tropical forests in Terai region. Among this, 16% of the total land area is declared as protected areas such as national parks and conservation areas. The protected areas in the southern plains are suitable for jungle safari activities. Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Shukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Parsa Wildlife Reserve are famous destinations for jungle safari tour.