Blend of spirituality, art, adventure and raw natural beauty

Tibet is one of the extraordinary destination having varied adventures absolutely lurking around almost each and every corner. It lies in the high arid wilderness of the Tibetan mountains. Tibet is one of the rich country in natural resources.

Tibet was largely isolated from the rest of the world before 1950. It is marked by the Tibetan language and the Buddhists religion. Earlier, Tibet was only occupied by the Tibetans folks since from 1950 China has started strictly governing this country and lots of Tibetan people scattered everywhere around the world. Tibetan main spiritual leader is his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama where you get the mystical of this leader through your tour to this Tibet. During your trip to Tibet, you get abundant memorable experience of the culture, religious, and auspicious festivals and many other experiences where you will get to tour in this Tibet plateau.

At the Tibet trek and tour, we GHHT provide different packages in group or individual as well in different places like Kailash, Lhasa and even the cultural tour where you get to observe the unique Buddhists culture. Even interesting places like Potala and the Jhorkhang monasteries and several ancient monasteries plus beautiful lakes. In Tibet Tour Packages we have other wide variety of tours that bring customers to the most lovely and culturally significant places in Tibet.