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This is why Everest Base Camp Trek is a Challenging yet a Rewarding Adventure

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Everest Base Camp Trek, one of the most rewarding adventures on earth, is the dream adventure for many. Although the adventure involves some challenges, people still love to go on it. Since the successful ascension of Mt. Everest, the region has attracted thousands and thousands of people from around the world. Be it just a trek to the base camp or a climbing expedition to the summit, Mt. Everest has remained an attraction to the adventurers.

This post talks about the challenges and rewarding experience of Everest Base Camp Trek. Read the post till the end and you will know why this adventure should be on your list of life experiences.


Things to Expect on the Everest Base Camp Trek

As the matter of fact, Everest region offers an overwhelming view of the snow-capped mountains. But trekking adventure to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world is much more than just the view. It is actually a journey rather than just an adventure.

The adventure begins with an exciting flight to Lukla, the main gateway to the Everest region. You will start enjoying the view of the mountains as soon as you land in Lukla. The firsthand experience of walking in the region is a river valley walk along the bank of Dudh Koshi River. The first half of the trek is a beautiful nature walk through the cultural villages of the Sherpa people. You can explore these amazing villages where the famous tribe of mountaineers, the Sherpa, has lived for ages. The innocence of these people, the simplicity of life they lead and the most amazing endurance and strength that they have developed in climbing the mountains simply amaze you.

In addition to the Sherpa culture and mountain views, you will also indulge in the spiritual world that nature, mountains, prayer flags, prayer walls, and monasteries create in the atmosphere. As you walk along the peaceful trail, you will come across several places with prayer flags, prayer walls, and prayer wheels as part of the Buddhist cultural and spiritual practice in the region.


Trekking Days and Hours in the Mountains

This trek is certainly a multi-day walking adventure and you need to walk for several hours every day from one place to the other. Our 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek has a total of 11 days of walking in the mountains. You will have to walk for about 6 hours on average every day. While trekking up towards the base camp, it is all trekking to a higher elevation every day.


Trekking Fitness

It is obvious that you will need to be fit and healthy to be able to walk for several days in the high elevation of the mountains. Even for a fit person, it is a challenge but surely an achievable one. Once you plan to go on the trekking adventure to Everest Base Camp, you should also start working on your fitness. Even if you are on a regular workout routine, making it a little more trekking friendly can help you a lot. Doing more cardio exercises; taking small hikes around, walking or jogging outside and if possible, going on short treks around can be truly helpful. The gist is that you should certainly have a good level of physical fitness. Another important aspect is your mental fitness as well. Walking for several days in the mountains can be arduous but it is your determination and mental strength that takes you forward on the adventure. You ultimately get to enjoy the magnificence of the Everest and other mountains in the region.


When to go and what to take

Whenever you think you are ready, you can embark on the adventure. Although the trip is doable most of the time throughout the year, March-May and September-November are the most favorable months. As the weather in the high mountain is unpredictable, it is wise to choose the time when the weather normally remains at the best.

Another important thing for the adventure is getting well equipped. Lack of necessary equipment for the trekking can seriously affect the trip. So, knowing beforehand what you will require in the mountains is a must. You can ask your trip organizer for the list of equipment that you will need.

You can also refer to our equipment list for the Everest Base Camp Trek.


Self or Guided Trek

Although the trail to Everest base camp is well-trodden and you can traverse it on your own, it is always advisable to trek with a guide. Trekking with a guide ensures your safety. As you are a stranger in the region and maybe with the high altitude wilderness, walking with a guide and in the group keeps you at the comfort. You will know what to do and what not to in the mountains so that you keep yourself on the safe side.

Altitude sickness is another matter of fact that this trek involves. Actually, any trekking adventure that goes above 3,000 meters from sea level involves the risk of altitude sickness. In addition to altitude sickness, there may come several other health issues as you walk in the mountains that need immediate attention and help. During these difficult times, a guide is the best solution.

We also advise you to hike always with a guide to ensure your safety and comfort.


If you prepare well for the adventure, Everest Base Camp Trek will certainly be an adventure of the lifetime. The challenge of walking several hours every day for multiple days becomes a rewarding experience that you can cherish for life.