Can I write a trip review on your site?

If you have previously taken a trip with us, yes, you can surely write a review.

What kind of review can be submitted?

We encourage you to write a review based on your personal experience of the trip. You can tell us what you liked about us or what you did not. You can even suggest us for the improvements. However, if your review consists of offensive language, hurts anyone personally, or attacks someone personally, we will remove your review.

You can surely write something about us that you are not happy with. We expect your suggestions for the improvement as well.

How do you filter your reviews?

We filter only the reviews containing offensive language and personal attacks. We also investigate and verify if the reviewer is genuine. If your reviews are free of offense and attacks and are the genuine experience of traveling with us, we will definitely publish it regardless of whether the review is on our favor or against.

Do you respond to the review published?

Yes, we do. No matter what the review says, in our praise or against, we always respect them and take it as our responsibility to respond to them. We always love to learn and grow with constructive suggestions from our guests while the positive ones motivate us to do even better.