Do I need to have travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is a mandatory provision to travel with us. You should buy travel insurance before you travel and provide us with the policy number and 24 hours emergency contact number of your insurer on the first day of your trip. You will not be able to travel with us without travel insurance.

Why do I need travel insurance?

By booking a trip with us, you acknowledge that the trip is adventurous in nature so involves personal risks. We have mentioned it in our Terms and Conditions as well. Please read our T&C carefully before making any booking. You are traveling to a completely different social, political, cultural and geographical atmosphere. To cover you against your accident, death, sickness, evacuation, repatriation, loss of your luggage etc., you will need to buy an insurance that covers all these categories.

Do you recommend any specific insurance company that I buy a policy with?

GHHT does not work with any insurance company so we do not have any recommendation for you. But you can check with the insurers back home who cover against all the categories mentioned above.

Will my travel insurance details be safe with you?

It is not only the insurance details but also all the details that you provide to us will remain confidential with us. Disclosing or sharing any information that you provide us is against our privacy policy. We are honestly careful in protecting your privacy. All your information will be used for the formal and official purpose only in the time of need.

I have heard a lot about the misuse of insurance policy. What is your take on it?

It is true that some, very small in number; people were involved in over-claiming the amount to the insurance companies. But we are honestly clear that insurance is for your privilege and we are completely against misusing it.

We always try our best to ensure the situation where you will need to use your insurance. But sometimes things go beyond our control and happen so unpredictably that something unwanted happens. In that case, we assure you that you are the sole in-charge of your insurance policy. We will only help you do the formalities that you need to complete while you are unable to do it yourself.