Booking of a Trip

You will need to deposit 20% of the total cost in our bank account, which we will forward you once you are ready to book and deposit. The rest of the amount can be paid in Kathmandu on your arrival day.  

Once we receive the payment of your deposit, we will send you the invoice with trip confirmation details and other essential information.

Cancellation Policy

GHHT reserves all the rights to cancel any trip without prior consent from any customer, however, the information of the trip cancellation with reason will be circulated to you. While that is the rare case, we will ask you to choose any other dates or trip, in case the situation arises. But if you do not want to do any trip, we will refund the amount you deposited in advance but Nepal Government doesn’t allow International money transfer so it might take some time for us to be able to figure out the way to send the money back to you.

GHHT is not responsible for the cost incurred to you in preparation for the trip.

We appreciate and thank you for your patience.

But in the case of trip cancellation from your side, you can always transfer the amount for the trip on a different date or for another trip as well.

In case you want to opt out of the trip, please read below for the refund details.

Cancellation -

60 days before – 100% of the deposited amount

45-60 days – 50% of the deposited amount

15-45 days – 30% of the deposited amount

Less than 15 days – No refund

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a mandatory provision to travel with us. You should buy travel insurance before you travel and provide us with the policy number and 24 hours emergency contact number of your insurer on the first day of your trip. You will not be able to travel with us without travel insurance.

Be it trekking, climbing or any other tour, you must buy travel insurance to travel with us to Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. By booking a trip with us, you acknowledge that the trip is adventurous in nature so involves personal risks. You are traveling to a completely different social, political, cultural and geographical atmosphere. To cover you against your accident, death, sickness, evacuation, repatriation, loss of your luggage etc., you will need to buy an insurance that covers all these categories.

Flight Delays and Cancellation

If your desired trip has a flight as the mode of transport, you need to understand that there is always the possibility of delay and cancellation. If any such situation arises, we will not be held responsible. However, we will try our best to find an alternative solution to get out of it.

Especially, in the case of the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and back for the Everest region trekking, there is always a chance of flight delay and cancellation for the day or for several days. The weather condition in mountains is unpredictable so the flight delays and cancellation are beyond our control.

In case of your flight cancellation for the day, we will try to rebook your tickets for the next day but without any guarantee of the early flight as all the seats for that day would be booked months in advance. Even if we are able to get the seats, we will be on low priority for the flight.

Instead, we may take the alternative booking a chartered helicopter to Everest. In that case, the extra cost to charter the helicopter (Approximately USD 500 per person) will be your responsibility. If we cancel the plane ticket and take a helicopter instead, we will refund you the plane ticket fare. You can collect the amount in Kathmandu once you return back from the trek.

However, getting a helicopter also depends on several situations differing the price. It depends on the rescue operation load, chartered flight load etc. The actual price may be different at the time of booking than what we tell you earlier due to these various reasons. We will try our best to book a helicopter at the best rate possible and applicable at the time of booking and flight.  


All our high elevation trekking packages have certain days in the mountains for acclimatization. Those days are to help us to be able to trek further higher. We cannot skip these days. These days are mandatory in the itinerary while going up towards the higher elevation.

Early Termination of the Trip

Once the trip starts, there will be no refund if you finish the trip earlier than the original schedule. As we have prepared everything for the trip, we cannot change the things at the last minute for free. We need to pay for the hotels, airlines, guides, porters and other liabilities that occur in the process of preparing for your trip.

Contingency Days

If you are trekking to the Everest region, we always recommend keeping a few extra days after the trip. Having a few extra days will allow you ample time to make up any possible delays and cancellation of the flight so that you do not miss out on your departure schedule home. We recommend you to have at least 2 extra days after the trip finishes.

Trip Extensions

If everything goes on time, without much trouble, you will save your extra days. You can do some other activities on those days.

Jungle Safari Activity

If you have more than 3 additional days on your main trip and it finishes on time, you may like to go to Chitwan National Park for a Jungle safari tour. You can book a 2 nights/3 Days of Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour package at the cost of USD 325 per person inclusive of accommodation, food, jungle safari activities and overland private transportation.

Other Activities

Please let us know if you want to do some other activities like rafting or yoga retreat or meditation retreat. Make your extra days in Kathmandu meaningful.