I am a solo traveler. Can I travel with your company?

Yes, definitely you can. It is not mandatory that you travel in the group with us. If you feel comfortable traveling solo, we will organize your trip accordingly. The cost may go a little higher for all the single arrangements but it is worth the personalized and intimate trip experience.

Have you run any trip for a solo traveler before?

Yes, we definitely have. We get a lot of solo travelers in our company and we have provided excellent services to them. They have loved the experience with our guides.

Will I be safe traveling solo with you?

Our priority is always to ensure your safety. We have highly professional field staffs to take well care of you. They will go beyond expectation to ensure your safety and create a friendly and comfortable circumstance for you.

Will it be too expensive to travel solo with you?

Although the cost of your trip will go a little higher than the group cost, you will not feel it too expensive. We just add only the required amount to arrange all single supplements. As you want to travel solo, you definitely will pay more than for a group travel.

Can I talk to the local people in the area I travel to?

You definitely can talk to people in the places you visit on your trip. Talking to locals certainly gives you more idea about their lifestyle. However, the language can be a barrier to communicate with most of the people. Anyway, you will find a way to understand local people from a closer perspective.

Are there any places that I should avoid visiting?

Basically, you can go to the places where groups can go. There are no such places that you cannot go or should avoid. However, being accompanied by your guide most of the time will help you get more insights and feel safer.

What kind of transportation do you use?

It all depends on your priority choice. If you choose the overland mode of transportation, we will organize it accordingly. On our group tours, we use overland private transportation for the group. However, for a solo traveler, we give you the options to choose. You can choose from private car or tourist bus or flight as the mode of your transportation.

Who will be my guide?

We will provide you with an experienced, friendly and professional guide to take you to the destination and back safely. Our guides are well-trained to lead trips in the mountains. If you want a separate porter, you can choose to do so or just take a guide cum porter.

Either way, you will be carrying only your day pack while your main backpack will be carried by your porter or guide porter.