Ganesh Himal Hiking Team – GHHT started its operation in 2013. The founders of the company, after spending several years of experience in the field, decided to establish such a dedicated company that truly works to create memorable traveling experiences. And the result is GHHT serving you today.

With the belief in an ethical operation of the trips and uncompromising services to the guests, GHHT has dedicated these whole years after its establishment in offering the guests the same. We have always believed in the empowerment of our team. Our team members regularly get training and refresher courses during the season they are not on the field.

We always strive to offer the uncompromising and best service to make our clients happy and give them a wonderful experience. We highly value the satisfaction and safety of our customers. Our long time experience of working in the field has taught us the importance of customer satisfaction. We are well aware that we are doing business but we have always believed in ethical practice. Our intention is always to deliver what we promise and we have always lived by that. The same belief is what has brought GHHT on the successful operation of trips since the establishment.