Our style of operating trips is an open book. We truly believe that our customers should know how we work to deliver the best of the experiences of traveling. To let you know about our working style, we have tried to cover some of the things that will give you a better understanding of us. If you still have any more questions, kindly let us know via email or our facebook page. We will surely get back to you.

Here are some answers to the questions you may want to ask us.

Are you an authentic trekking company?

Yes, we are an authentic local trekking company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have been registered in the office of the company registrar, Nepal Tourism Board, and the Tax Paying Office.  We have an affiliation with various tourism-related organizations. You can verify the same by visiting the bottom of our website.


How long have you been working in the trekking industry?

As a company, we started our operation in 2013. But before starting the company, the owner worked as a trekking guide for 8 years in the mountains of Nepal.


Where is your office?

Our office is in Thamel, Kathmandu. Thamel is the center for travelers with the availability of hotels, restaurants, trekking gear stores, trekking and tour operators and a happening atmosphere.


Do you run only trekking trips?

We are an adventure travel company so trekking and climbing are our basic and fundamental services. However, we also operate cultural tours, jungle safaris, and rafting adventures. We help you book other adventure activities like paragliding, bungee jumping, ultra-light flight, zip flyer, helicopter tours etc. on your request.


How big are your groups on the mountain?

We believe in delivering the best and most unique services so we keep our trips in small groups. Our trekking group consists of a maximum of 08 people to deliver the best service and care to our guests in the mountains.


Who travels with your company? Any specific groups?

We are for all. No age bar; no faith bar; no gender bar, and no race bar. Everyone who wants to experience true Nepal can travel with us. We treat all our guests equally because everyone is equal to us. If we tell you we can do the trip you want, you are all in and in harmony with us.


If I book a trip with you, how do I come to your office from the airport?

Once you confirm any trip with us, it is our responsibility to take care of you from your arrival at the airport to the departure. We will surely be there at the airport to welcome you on your arrival time. We will take you straight to the hotel.


How many guides work for you? Are they qualified?

We have a team of guides and porters to look after you in the mountains, which currently comprises 8 trekking guides and 25 porters. All of our trekking staffs have gone through rigorous training on how to take care of guests on the mountain. They have worked for several years in the industry. They are the friendliest people with highly professional behavior.


Are you trips family friendly?

Yes, we run family trips as well. From several cultural tours to soft and easy hiking and trekking adventures that suit a family, we have trips for you. You can check our family trip packages.


Do you run private, customized group departures?

We certainly offer our services to your requirement. If our fixed departure dates are not flexible with your dates, please let us know your dates. We will organize the trip you want as per your need and at your time flexibility.


What do you provide if I book a trip with you?

Every trip we have listed on our site has ‘Included’ and ‘Excluded’ section that you can check easily. There is no hidden cost other than mentioned in the sections.

However, our trips include all accommodations and breakfasts in the cities and all meals and lodging in the mountains. We will get transportation and other services as mentioned in each package. So, please check the ‘Included’ and ‘Excluded’ section of the trip that you want to do with us.


Do you stick to the itinerary as shown in the package?

We operate all our trips based on the itinerary that we have displayed on our website. However, especially for the trekking trips, sometimes there may need some modification of the itinerary with reasons. In that case, it depends totally on the sole discretion of your guide. You guide reserves all the rights to make changes in the itinerary if he deems it necessary.


How do you deal if any traveler gets seriously sick during the trip?

Traveling to mountains is certainly not free of risks. First of all, you have to be aware of the fact that you are going on an adventure trip in the mountains. Especially if you are trekking over 3,000 meters, you are always at the risk of altitude sickness. If you get caught by the altitude sickness, we help you descend to a lower elevation to make you feel better. You may be able to go up again but with no guarantee. You may have to return back from the point. But our job is to try our best to take you safely to the destination.

But if the altitude sickness or other illness is severe, rescuing you out of the mountains and getting you proper treatment is the only option. So, we request you to buy a travel medical insurance that covers emergency medevac from the highest altitude that you will reach on the trip.


What if I am a single traveler?

For all single travelers, there are two options – whether you pay a single supplement charge and make the trip private or join a group available. For the accommodation when you are traveling in a group, if you want to stay in a single room, you will have to pay the single supplement charge. And if you are okay to join with another member from the group, we will pair you up with another person of the same gender from the group.