Who are your guides?

All our guides are locals who have gone through professional training. With the aim of supporting locals and showing you the best of Nepal with locals, we have employed the locals to be our field staff in the mountains.

Can they communicate well?

Our guides can speak English and communicate well. If not excellent, they will be able to understand what you mean and make you understand what they mean. So, communication won’t be a problem with our guides. Even our porters can communicate in English. Some of our guides are multi-lingual as well.

How long have your guides been working in the mountains?

All our guides started their life in trekking as porters and later they became the guides after training. They have the training and experience – both as porter and guide – to lead you on the mountains. All of our guides have worked more than 5 years in the mountains of Nepal.

Do I need to pay your guide and porters?

The cost that you pay for a package includes the salary for your guide and porter so you do not need to pay them separately.

Do I tip them?

While tipping is not a mandatory thing, you can reward them with some gratuities for their hard work to make your trip a success. You can tip them as per your wish. There is no limitation or range in tipping culture. It is solely on your discretion.

Do the porters walk with us?

It depends. As they will be carrying heavy loads they may not be able to accompany your pace all the way through the trail. They may walk much ahead or behind of you on the trail. But when you reach the overnight place, they will be there with your luggage.