I am a travel agent and want to know if you operate trips for agent tour groups?

We have a clear partnership plan for interested travel agents. We have been working with travel agents and running trips for their guests. Be it trekking adventure or a cultural tour, we operate the trips for valued guests from travel agents.

Do you have enough human and other resources to run an agent’s tour if it’s in a big volume?

We definitely have enough resources to run any trips. Our regular working team handles most of the trips but in the case of need of more people, we have a good network of guides and porters required. We can hire experienced and professional guides and porters for big volume.

Can I send my own leader if I want to work with you to run trips for my clients?

Yes, of course, you can send your leader. But you have to have our local guide and porters for the trip. Your leader alone cannot lead trips in Nepal. So, if you want to operate your tour with your tour leader, it’s fine with us.

How do you operate tours for my groups?

It all depends on how we reach the mutual understanding. Basically, we ground handle everything since your arrival till departure. From arranging transportation to hotels and managing trekking requirements to serve in the trekking, we handle all the required fields. We talk (you and us) and find out your requirements and we will tell you if we can do it. And if you agree, we will run the trips for you.

How can I contact you if I want to talk in more details?

Please send us an email here or you can contact us directly at +977-9851047508.